Thesis Title: Work-Family Conflicts, Marital Satisfaction and Psychological well- being in Pakistani Working Married Women

Student Name: Asma Aurangzeb

Supervisors: Saima Majeed & Farah Malik, PhD

Degree: MSc

Year: 2016-2018


This study figure out the work-family conflicts, marital satisfaction and psychological well-being among working married women. The main hypotheses were, that there would be a negative relationship between work-family conflicts and psychological well-being and positive relationship between marital satisfaction and psychological well-being. Another hypothesis was work-family conflict and marital satisfaction would be the predictors of psychological well-being. Work family conflict was assessed through the Work and Family Conflict Scale (Haslam, Morwaska, & Sanders, 2012), and Psychological well-being was measured through The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (Stewart-Brown, 2006), and marital satisfaction was assessed through ENRICH Marital Satisfaction Scale (Fowers‚ & Olson‚ 1989), and demographic information sheet. The results showed that there was significant negative relationship between work-family conflict and psychological well-being. Work-family conflict and marital satisfaction proved to be significant predictors of psychological well-being. There were non-significant differences in women teaching sectors and health sectors regarding all study variables.

Keywords: Work-family conflict,  marital satisfaction, psychological well-being, married women, working women.

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