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Article Title: Tolerance towards Frustration, Self Esteem, Anxiety and Depression in Physically Disabled Individuals

Author(s): Shafaq Saeed, and Saima Dawood,

Institute(s): Centre for Clinical Psychology, PU, Lahore.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2013, Vol. 11, No.2, 43-46

Correspondence Address: Shafaq Saeed, and Saima Dawood, Assistant Professor, Centre for Clinical Psychology, PU, Lahore. Email:


The study investigated tolerance towards frustration, self-esteem, anxiety and depression in physically disabled individuals. For this purpose, a sample of 15 physically disabled women and 45 men with an age range of 18-25 years from different rehabilitation centers of Lahore city was taken. Symptom Checklist-Revised (SCL-R), with three sub-scales (Rahman et al., 2009) ascertained frustration tolerance and vulnerability towards anxiety and depression; and a translated form of Brief Self-Esteem Inventory (BSEI) developed by Williams (2000) assessed self-esteem in the above participants. The results showed that self-esteem of physically disabled patients was not very low but they were having very low frustration tolerance. The participants: 12% &17% scored and above 1 SD on Depression and Anxiety Scales, respectively. The results further showed a significant negative relationship between low frustration tolerance and self-esteem as well as negative relationship between anxiety and self-esteem.

Key words: physically disabled, self-esteem, frustration tolerance, anxiety, depression

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