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Article Title: The Mediating Role of Job Stress between Social Support and development of Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Educators and Health Professionals

Author(s): Dr. Amanat Khan, Areeba Amanat, Muhammad Aqeel, Numair Ahmed Sulehri, Areej Amanat, Eisha Sana & Hira Amin

Institute(s): Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi; Department of Psychology, Foundation University, Rawalpindi Campus; Department of Business & Economics, Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus; Yusra Medical and Dental College, Islamabad.

Journal: Foundation University Journal Of Psychology, 2017, Vol. 1, No. 1, 38-55

Correspondence Address: Areeba Amanat Department of Psychology


Current study is intended to examine the mediating role of job stress between social support and development of stress, anxiety and depression in educators and health professionals. Sample comprised of 231 professional (Educators = 131, Health = 100) age ranged from 21 to 65 years. Purposive sampling technique was employed based on cross-sectional design. Three scales were used to measure job stress, social support, stress, anxiety and depression. This study revealed that job stress was positively significant predicted by social support (β = .39, p < .000; β = .04, n.s for educators and health professional respectively). In turn, job stress was positively significant predicting to stress (β= .54, p < .000; β = .04, n.s for educator and health professional respectively). Our study analysis revealed that job stress was significantly playing the role of full mediator between social support and stress in health professionals. Recommendations of the study are that both educators and health professional can equally be benefitted by an intervention addressing job stress however, educators can get more benefit by addressing job stress and stress.

Keyword. Social support, job stress, stress, anxiety and depression, health and educators professional

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