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Article title: The Impact of Employees’ Core Self-Evaluation Personality Trait, Management Support, Co-worker Support on Job Satisfaction, and Innovative Work Behaviour

Author(s): Saman Attiq, Sidra Wahid, Nimra Javaid, Maria Kanwal, and Hassan J. Shah

Institute(s): Department of Management Science, University of Wah; National Defence University Islamabad.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 2017, Vol. 32, No. 1, 247-271

Correspondence Address: Hassan J. Shah, National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan. E-mail:


The study was aimed to investigate the effect of personality trait and supportive work environment on employee’s job satisfaction as well as his/her innovative work behaviour. The current work supports previous prerogatives regarding the importance of supportive work environment for the formation of satisfaction that enhances innovation and change. A sample size of 251 respondents (N = 251) comprised of 133 male and 118 female employees selected from NGOs, banking, and telecom sector from twin cities (i.e., Islamabad and Rawalpindi). Data were gathered through structured questionnaire based on convenient sampling technique. Data was analysed through structural equation modelling (SEM) with AMOS 22.0. Findings indicated that positive and direct relationship among core self-evaluation (as personality trait), supportive work environment (management and co-worker support), and job satisfaction. Similarly, employees’ job satisfaction had positive and direct impact on innovative work behaviour. Furthermore, findings of the study proposed that mangers and HRM professionals could play a pivotal role in exploiting and guaranteeing every employee trait that they possessed and for development of work environment that motivated employees to perceive things with innovation.

Keyword. Innovative work behaviour, core-self-evaluation, supportive work environment, management support, co-worker support

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