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Article Title: Role of Parenting and Self – Esteem in Promoting Academic Grades among Undergraduate Students

Author(s): Aqeel Ahmed Khan and Muhammad Ramzan

Institute(s): Department of Applied Psychology, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur; Department of Educational training, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Journal: Journal of Research in Social Sciences -JRSS January, 2017 Vol: 5 Number 1 ISSN: (E) 2306-112X (P) 2305- 6533


The present study was planned to identify the core predictors of academic grades among undergraduate students. In this research parenting and self-esteem were considered as core predictors of academic grades among undergraduate students. In order to saturate the idea, a sample of (N=150) students were taken by using convenient sampling technique. (PAQ) and Self-esteem scale was used to attain our research data. Collected data was analyzed by SPSS. The regression analysis reveals a considerable links between self-esteem and students’ academic grades. It also revealed that the authoritative parenting was positively linked with academic grades. Similarly the authoritarian parenting was insignificantly related with academic grades. Overall results concluded that the level of self- esteem and a particular type of parenting i.e. authoritative parenting predict the academic grades among the undergraduate students. Finally the findings suggested that in order to enhance the academic grades, it is crucial to provide healthy parenting style and groom the self-esteem level of the students.

Keywords: Authoritative, Parenting, Self-esteem, Academic grades, Undergraduate students.

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