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Article Title: Resilience, Wisdom, and Life Satisfaction in Elderly Living with Families and in Old-Age Homes

Author(s): Saba Z. Hayat, Saira Khan, and Rayna Sadia

Institute(s): National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 2016, Vol. 31, No. 2, 475-494

Correspondence Address: Saba Zahid Hayat, National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. E-mail:


The issues concerning old age are increasing in developing countries. To have broader understanding of the current scenario in Pakistani society, the study investigated the relationship between resilience, wisdom, and life satisfaction among elderly adults living with their families and living in old-age homes. The sample consisted of 212 elderly adults with age ranging from 50 to 90 years (M = 61.93, SD = 9.85). Employing the technique of snowball and purposive sampling, data was collected from individuals living with their families (n = 124) and in old-age homes (n = 88). Urdu versions of Ego Resiliency Scale-89 (Aslam, 2007), Self-Assessed Wisdom Scale (Arzeen & Haq, 2013) and Satisfaction with Life Scale (Siddiq, 2001) were used to assess study variables. The findings showed that resilience and wisdom were positively related with life satisfaction among elderly adults. Wisdom and life satisfaction were found to be higher in the elderly individuals living with their families as compared to their counterparts. The results revealed that resilience mediated the relationship between wisdom and life satisfaction in elderly adults living with families. Implications and suggestions were given based upon the research conducted for similar researches in the field of gerontology.

Keywords. Ageing, old-age homes, elderly adults, life satisfaction, resilience, wisdom

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