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Article Title: Relationship of Loneliness and Psychological Well-being among University Hostels Students: Moderating Role of Self-esteem

Author(s): Ghulam Ishaq, Dr. Najma Iqbal Malik and Muhammad Asif

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha

Journal: Journal of Research in Social Sciences – JRSS June, 2018 Vol: 6 Number 2 ISSN: (E) 2306-112X (P) 2305- 6533


The primary goal of the present study was to examine the moderating role of self-esteem in relationship between psychological well-being and loneliness among university hostels students. The sample (N = 330) was drawn conveniently from university hostel students. The age range of the sample was 18 to 30 years. Psychological Well-being Scale by Carl Ryff (1995) Rosenberg self-esteem (Rosenberg, 1965) and Loneliness scale of University of California and Loss Angles loneliness scale were used to measure psychological well-being, self-esteem and loneliness respectively. Pearson correlation analysis was used to find the relationship among study variable. Simple linear regression showed that loneliness was a significant negative predictor of psychological well-being. Moderation analysis demonstrated significant moderating role of self-esteem in relationship between loneliness and psychological well-being. Independent sample t-test revealed that women students significantly have higher level of loneliness whereas men students showed significantly higher level of self-esteem and psychological well-being.


Keywords: Self-esteem, psychological well-being, loneliness, hosteled /boarding students

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