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Article Title: Prescribing Errors In Psychiatry Department: An Audit From A Hospital In Lahore

Author(s): Ramzi Shawahna, Nisar-Ur-Rahman

Institute(s): Department of Pharmacy, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

Journal: Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, 2008, Vol. 5, No. 1, p. 31-33


Objective: To explore prescribing errors occurring in psychiatry department in a public hospital.

Design: Prospective observational method was followed to screen, identify and classify prescribing errors in fifteen inpatient profiles in psychiatry department.

Place & duration of study: The study was conducted for a period of fifteen days at psychiatry department in a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan from September 1st to September 15th 2006.

Subjects & Methods: Prospective study of 15 inpatient cases randomly selected from psychiatry department.

Results: During the study 84 medications were prescribed. The mean of medications prescribed per case was 5.6. The number of prescribing errors identified was 33 and the percentage of prescribing errors was 39.28%.

Conclusion: All prescribing errors identified can be prevented.

Key words: Prescribing Error, Psychiatry, Pakistan

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