Thesis Title: Perception of Romantic Love and Body Image in Obese Female University Students

Student Name: Sadaf Mehreen

Supervisor: Kanza Faisal

Degree: MSc

Year: 2016-2018


The present research explored the relationship between perceptions of romantic love among obese university students. Data was collected purposively from 75 obese female university students aged 18-30 years currently enrolled in a university degree program. Data was collected from three universities of Lahore based on ease to approach: University of Management and Technology, Government College University and University of the Punjab. Body Image Scale (Moeen, Muazzam, & Zubair, 2013) and Perception of Romantic Love Scale (Anjum & Batool, 2017) were used to collect data. Pearson product moment correlation was used to assess the relationship between body image and perception of romantic love. Results revealed a non-significant correlation between body image and perception of romantic love. However, a significant positive correlation was found between body image scale and marital subscale of a perception of romantic love scale. Also, the physical subscale of body image was significantly positively correlated with general subscale and marital subscale of perception of romantic love. There were a significant positive correlation of marital status with overall perception of romantic love scale and four subscales of perceived romantic love; with general subscale with emotional subscale with cognitive subscale and with behavioral. Implications, Limitations of the research have been discussed.

Keywords:    Perception, romantic love, body image, obese, university students.

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