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Article Title: Parents-Child Communication Conflicts: Predictors of Socio-Emotional Disabilities and Interactive Problems in Children

Author(s): Fauzia Naz, Iram Awan and Mamoona Mushtaq

Institute(s): Department of Applied Psychology, Government College Township, Lahore; Department of Applied Psychology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan; Department of Psychology, Govt. MAO College, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS), Vol. 36, No. 2 (2016), pp. 895-906

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Parent-child communication conflicts are in general cause of concern globally because it contributes in development of interactive problems in children. Present research examined the predictive relationship between parent-child communication conflicts and interactive problems in children with depression. The research also explored gender differences regarding parent-child conflicts and interactive problems. The sample comprised of 140 children (70 boys &70 girls), diagnosed with depressive symptoms (by hospital psychiatrist) was recruited from psychiatry out doors of public hospitals of Lahore. The mean age of the sample was (M=9.13, SD=1.42 for girls; M = 9.89, SD=1.20 boys). Parent-child communication conflicts and interactive problems were assessed through Parent–Child Conflict Scale (PACS; Barens & Olson, 1985), Centre of Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D; Radloff, 1977), and Child Adjustment Scale (CAS; Santrock & Warshak, 1979). The result revealed significant predictive relationship between parent-child conflicts and interactive problems in children. Parent-child communication conflicts emerged as significant predictors of interactive problems (socio-emotional disabilities, aggression and depressive symptoms) in children. The results can provide practical implications for health physicians and parents to get insight of these issues in children with depression.

Keywords: Parent-child communication conflicts, interactive problems, depression


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