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Article Title: Myths about Hijras (Male-to-Female Transgender of Hijra Community)? Role of Gender and Commonly Held Belief about Them

Author(s): Dr. Humaira Jami & Dr. Anila Kamal

Institute(s): National Institute of Psychology, Center of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

Journal: Foundation University Journal Of Psychology, 2017, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1-18

Correspondence Address: Dr. Humaira Jami Department of Psychology, Rawalpindi Campus. Pakistan. Email:


Hijras are male-to-female transgender individuals living in the form of community since centuries in Pakistan. Present study was planned to explore belief in myths related to hijras along role of participants’ gender and one’s concept of “who are hijras” in these beliefs. Current study is cross-sectional and survey method was used for data collection. Convenience sampling was used for sample selection. Myths related to hijras Scale was used for data collection from sample of 350 individuals with age 18-65 years. Findings show that out of 12 myths, belief on 4 myths were strongly held by the sample that included belief in their forcibly taking away child born with sexual deformity (intersex); having strength in their curses and blessings; shunning their demands bring adversities to the person; and hijras not liking anybody interfering in their social errands. Women had strong belief in myths as compared to men and those who believed that hijras are intersex they had more strong belief in myths than their counterparts. Findings are discussed in cultural context.

Keyword. Gender nonconformity, transgender, intersex, hijras, Khusra, eunuch, myths, stereotypes

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