Thesis Title: Marital Relationship, Quality of life and psychological well-being of Women with Infertility

Student Name: Saba Elahi

Supervisor: Mohsina Najeeb, PhD

Degree: MSc

Year: 2016- 2018


The purpose of the current study was to investigate the relationship of infertility of women with their marital relationship, quality of life and psychological well-being. It was hypothesized that Infertility would be negatively associated with marital relationship, quality of life and psychological well-being. Correlational research design was used and the sample consisted of (N = 52) women with infertility with the age range of 27-50 recruited via convenient sampling technique. Assessment measures included demographic information questionnaire, Dyadic Adjustment Scale (Graham Spanier, 1976), WHOQOL-BREF Scale (Feder K, 2015) and Psychological Well-being Scale (Ryff & Singer, 1998) was administrated to the participants. Results showed positive relationship among marital relationship, quality of life and psychological well-being. There were no significant occupational differences on marital  relationship and psychological well-being between occupation and family system. The results of One Way ANOYA showed significant differences on psychological well-being i.e. autonomy between education and marriage duration. This study has implication in counseling psychology. By using the results of this research counseling programs can be done to address the ways to solve the marital relationship problems, quality of  life and frustration psychological well-being.

Keywords: Marital Relationship, Quality of life, psychological well-being, infertility, women.

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