Article Title: Length of Stay, Acculturative Stress, and Health among Kashmiri Students in Central India

Author(s): Mohammad Ayoob and Tara Singh Maryam Jan

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, Barkatuallah University; Department of Distance Education, Bhopal University of Kashmir

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2011, Vol. 9, 11-15

Correspondence Address: Mohammad Ayoob Lone, Department of Psychology, Govt. Degree College Boys, Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir. Email:


The present study explored the difference in acculturative stress and health with varying length of stay and examined length of stay as a significant predictor of acculturative stress and health. Sample consisted of 219 Kashmiri college students (men = 52.10%, women = 47.90%; M = 23.30, SD = 1.70) who migrated to Bhopal, Central India for receiving education. Participants completed self-report measures of acculturative stress and health. Findings of the study revealed significant differences in acculturative stress and different domains of general health with varying length of stay. Students with short length of stay reported higher acculturative stress and poor health. Length of stay was found as a significant predictor of acculturative stress and health. Relevance of present findings for students’ health has been implicated.

Keywords: length of stay, acculturative stress, general health, Kashmiri students

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