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Article Title: Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction and Psychological Ownership among Public and Private Employees: A Case Study of Multan City

Author(s): Sumaira Naz and Sidra Liaquat

Institute(s): Department of Applied Psychology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan; Department of Psychology, Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (PJSS) Vol. 35, No. 2 (2015), pp. 1121-1131

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Emotional Intelligence is the most important construct of Industrial Psychology, which can affect organizational outcomes employees’ performance; psychological ownership and job satisfaction. This study investigates the impact of emotional intelligence (EI) on job satisfaction and psychological ownership among employees of different public and private organizations. The randomly selected sample consisted of 175 employees, 100 from public and 75 from private organizations. Emotional Intelligence (EI) scale (Saima Cheema, 2005), Psychological Ownership scale (James, Bruce, Craig and Fred, 2009), and job satisfaction scale (Hackman & Oldham, 1975) were used. Results of the study indicate that emotional intelligence has significant impact on job satisfaction, and psychological ownership. Income level differences were significant that indicate job satisfaction and psychological ownership is high among employees with high level of income but emotional intelligence does not vary in terms of income level of employees. Research findings suggest that employees should be motivated and encouraged by improving coworker relationships, healthy communication through social skill trainings, conducting seminars, fulfilling their needs and dealing their concerns.

Keywords: Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, psychological ownership, public and private employees

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