Thesis Title: Grit, Learning Styles and Academic Achievement Motivation in High School Students

Student Name: Laiba Raza

Supervisor: Afsheen Masood


Year: 2014-2018

Department: Institute of Applied Psychology

University: Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

Corresponding Address: Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Email:, Phone: 92-42-9231245


This research sets out to examine the relationship between grit, learning styles and academic achievement motivation in high school students. It further explored the predictive relationship of grit with learning styles and academic achievement motivation. Correlational (cross-sectional) research design was used. The sample comprised of 100 high school students (public and private). Item Grit Scale (Duckworth & Peterson, 2007) was used to assess grit, Learning Style Questionnaire (Honey & Mumford, 2005) was used to assess learning styles, and Achievement Motivation Scale (Muthee & Thomas, 2009) was used to assess academic achievement motivation. Results of Pearson product moment correlation revealed positive relation between grit, learning styles and academic achievement motivation. Linear regression analysis revealed that grit predicted learning styles and academic achievement motivation. Gender difference was found in current research. Findings of the present study have significant implications for students, field of learning through which methodologies and material used in teaching can be adopted to integrate all personality dimension of a learner with their learning styles.

Keywords: Grit, learning styles, academic achievement, motivation.

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