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Article Title: Frequency Of Depression In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Type II From District Headquarter Hospital, Pakistan

Author(s): Irum Siddique, Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Salma Malik, Nighat Haider, Samreen Afzal, Mohsin Ali Cheema, Muhammad Waqar Azeem

Institute(s): Department Of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, District Headquarters Hospital, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad; Department Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry, Institute Of Living/Hartford Hospital, Ct, USA; Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore; Solnit Children’s Center, Ct, Usa, Yale Child Study Center, Yale University School Of Medicine, Ct, USA

Journal: Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, 2014, Vol. 11, No. 1, p. 31-33

Correspondence Address: Salma.Malik@Hhchealth.Org


Objective: the objective of study is to assess the severity of depression in patients with diabetes mellitus (dm) type ii, and to compare the severity of depression among those using insulin versus oral hypoglycemic medications.

Design: Cross Sectional Study

Setting: Outpatient Department Of District Headquarters Hospital, Faisalabad

Methods: 70 patients (males: 57% and females: 43%) with diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type ii were recruited. 50 % of the patients were taking insulin and the other 50% oral hypoglycemic agents as part of their treatment regimen. Patients were interviewed according to icd-10 criteria of depression to establish the diagnosis as well as severity of depression.

Results: according to icd-10 criteria, depression was present among 53% of the patients. The severity of depression was: mild in 20% of the surveyed population, moderate in 23% and severe in 10% of subjects. Among the 35 patients on insulin, 31% had depression with severity of mild (9%), moderate (11%) and severe (11%) intensity. Among 35 patients on oral hypoglycemic medications, 74% were depressed with severity of mild (31%), moderate (34%), and severe (9%) intensity.

Conclusions: the frequency of depression is high among patients with diabetes mellitus type ii. Patients with dm type ii, who were on oral hypoglycemic medications, found to be at a higher risk of developing depression as compared to patients on insulin (p value<.001).

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus Type Ii, Depression, Insulin, Oral Hypoglycemic Medications.

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