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Article Title: Effectiveness Of School Counseling Program Of A Karachi Based Army Public School

Author(s): Rahila Khan and Uzma Khatoon

Institute(s): Army Public School, COD, Karachi

Journal: Bahria Journal of Professional Psychology, January 2012, Vol-7, 2, 46-62


The aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of the counselling program implemented at APS-COD, Karachi, Pakistan in 2008, which was an integrated and on-going process. The research sample comprised of 330 students of classes VIII, IX, X, parents who were involved in the implementation of counselling strategies and all the teachers from four sections i.e. Pre-school, Junior school, Middle school and Senior school. Survey method was used to gather data by using self-constructed questionnaire forms. Results indicate that school counseling program is effective for the teachers, students and parents. Both teachers and students are highly satisfied with the availability of the student counselor. Teachers found counseling services highly beneficial for the enhancement of class room management skills and improvement in communication skills whereas students find themselves more competent and confident in dealing with academic issues.

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