Thesis Title: Family Functioning, Attitude towards Self and Frustration Tolerance among Adolescents

Student Name: Huma Arshad

Supervisor: Syeda Shama Mazahir

Degree: MSc

Year: 2016-2018


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between family functioning, attitude towards self and frustration tolerance among adolescents. It was hypothesized that there would be negative  relationship among family functioning, attitude towards self and frustration tolerance in adolescents. Family functioning and attitude towards self would predict frustration tolerance in adolescents. A sample of N = 206 adolescents of age range 10-19 was recruited from private schools and colleges as well as government schools and colleges. Faces IV Family Functioning Scale (Olson, Gorall & amp; Tiesel, 2006) was used to measure family functioning. Attitude towards Self Scale (Carver, 1988) was used to measure adolescents’ attitude towards self and Frustration Discomfort Scale (Harrington, 2005) was used to measure frustration tolerance. Results of Pearson product moment correlation analysis showed that balanced family functioning was found to be negatively associated with attitude towards self and frustration tolerance. Findings of hierarchical regression showed that disengaged and chaotic family relationship is significant predictor of frustration tolerance. This study has implication in counseling psychology.

Keywords:    Family functioning, attitude, frustration, tolerance, adolescents.

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