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Article Title: Empathy and Communicative Competence of Customer Service Representative in Public and Private Telecom Sectors

Author(s): Hassan Jabeer & Nasreen Akhtar

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, GC. University Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2013, Vol. 11, No.2, 47-50

Correspondence Address: Nasreen Akhtar Department of Psychology, GC University, Lahore. Email: nasreen,


The present research investigated the relationship between empathy and communicative competence among customer service representatives serving in telecom companies of public and private sectors. It also compared the level of empathy and communicative competence of customer service representatives. This study employed cross-sectional survey method. Empathy of the participants was measured by Interpersonal Reactivity Index (Davis, 1980) and Communicative competence was assessed by the Communicative Competence Scale (Wiemann, 1977). Results of the Pearson correlation matrix indicated significant positive correlation between communicative competence and two dimensions of empathy (perspective-taking, empathic concern and whereas personal distress had significant but low correlation with communicative competence. Results of independent sample t-tests revealed no significant difference in the level of empathy as well as communicative competence of customer service representatives working in public and private telecom sectors. The findings of this study have important implications for organizational psychologists and human resource managers to improve the work effectiveness of employees working in telecom companies.

Keywords: Empathy, communicative competence, sector, customer service representative

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