Article Title: Emotional Intelligence: A Predictor of Marital Quality in Pakistani Couples

Author(s): Syeda Shahida Batool and Ruhi Khalid

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, Government College University, Lahore; Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 2012, Vol. 27, No. 1, 65-88

Correspondence Address: Syeda Shahida Batool, Department of Psychology, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan. E-mail:


The present study examined the role of emotional intelligence in the prediction of marital quality in Pakistani scenario. A sample of 85 couples (N = 170) was collected. Their age ranged from 21 to 40 years and the duration of marriage ranged from three to 10 years. Scale of Emotional Intelligence (Batool & Khalid, 2009a), Marital Adjustment Questionnaire (Kousar & Khalid, 2003), and Conflict Resolution Questionnaire (Kousar & Khalid, 2003; McClellan, 1993) were used. The analyses of the study variables revealed significant positive relationship between emotional intelligence and indicators of marital quality, i.e., marital adjustment and conflict resolution. Emotional intelligence explained 48% variance in marital adjustment and 56% variance in conflict resolution. Only interpersonal skill, empathy, optimism, and impulse control (dimensions of emotional intelligence) appeared as salient predictors of marital quality. Initial analyses ruled out the role of demographic variables (e.g., age, monthly income, family system, duration of marriage, and type of marriage) in marital quality.

Keywords: Emotional intelligence, marital quality, marital adjustment, conflict resolution

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