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Article Title: Depression and Alcohol Dependence: One Syndrome or Two? A Comparison of Disability, Suicidal Risk and Coping Styles

Author(s): Brahmdeep Sindhu, Rajiv Gupta, Swati Sindhu, Krishan Kumar and Devender Kumar

Institute(s): General Hospital, Gurgaon PGIMS, Rohtak Gurgaon; National Brain Research Centre, Manesar General Hospital, Gurgaon

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2011, Vol. 9, 62-65

Correspondence Address: Dr Brahmdeep Sindhu, M. D., Senior Psychiatrist, General Hospital, Gurgaon. Email:


Depression and Alcoholism are common disabling conditions and are associated with high suicidal risk. The present study was conducted at Vidya Sagar Department of Psychiatry, PGIMS, Rohtak (Haryana). Patients, each of severe depression (n = 30) and alcohol dependence (n = 30) as per ICD-10 were evaluated on Disability Assessment Schedule, Suicide Risk Estimator Scale, Defense Style Questionnaire and Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. The two groups were compared on these parameters. Alcohol group had significantly higher number of men, married and rural patients, than the depressive group. Depressive group showed higher disability and suicidal risk. However, striking similarities in the socio-demographic variables and coping strategies may be indicative of the common etiological link between these disorders.

Keywords: depression, alcohol dependence, disability, suicide risk

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