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Article Title: Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Abused and Nonabused Children in a Pakistani Cohort

Author(s): Farah Malik, Amara Gul and Glyn Humphreys

Institute(s): Department of Psychology. Government College University; School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston. Birmingham. 815 211, UK.

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research. Vol. 25, No.2. 179-202

Correspondence Address: Farah Malik. Chairperson. Department of Psychology, Government College University, Katchery Road Lahore 54(XX), Pakistan. Email:;


The study aimed to elucidate whether the trauma of abuse reflects upon the behavioral and emotional pattern in children. Abused and nonabused children (50 each) were drawn from 5 cities of Punjab. Child Abuse Scale (Malik & Shah. 2007) was used to identify nature and level of abuse. Class teachers rated children’s behavior on Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scale (Neeper, Lahey. & Frick, 1990). Univariate ANOVA revealed reliable differences of behavioral problems across abused and nonabused group and gender with a general trend for abused group than nonabused and girls than boys. The data remained even. when differences across groups were controlled by covariance in terms of socio-economic status, maternal education. and family system. The implications of the childhood trauma as a marker for behavioral problems in children are discussed in the context of Pakistani culture.

Keywords: child abuse, behavioral problems, family system, Pakistani cohort

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