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Article Title: Urdu Translation And Cultural Adaptation Of Schedule For Affective Disorders & Schizophrenia For School Age Children (6-18 YRS) K-SADS-IV R

Author(s): Sajida Abdul Hussein, Panos Vostanis

Institute(s): University of Leicester, Greenwood Institute of Child Health, Westcotes House, Westcotes Drive, Leicester, LE3 OQU, UK.

Journal: Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society, 2008, Vol. 5, No. 2, p. 81-85

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Objective: The main objective of the study was the urdu translation and cultural adaptation of Schedule for Affective Disorders & Schizophrenia for School Age Children (6-18 yrs) K-SADS-IV R.

Design: Descriptive study.

Place and duration of study: The study was carried out in Karachi, Pakistan from January 2006 to July 2007.

Subjects and Methods: The translation panel consisted of nine members from variety of backgrounds. All member had experience working with children and were fluent in both languages (original and target). The ‘Multiple-forward translation’ process was applied.

Results: A number of items were reworded and rephrased to meet the cultural, social and religious values of the Pakistani society.

Conclusion: The translation and adaptation of the K-SADS-P-IV-R-U represents an advance in the process of identifying children with mental health problems in Pakistan. However there is a need to conduct further clinical validation studies to establish the reliability and validity of this tool in Pakistan.

Key words: Child psychiatry, Diagnostic tool, Pakistan.

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